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                Building Design


                Building Design Service Introduction The group has under it Weifang Huacheng Building Design Institute, possessing third grade qualification of construction engineering design. Representative projects: The biggest stadium in the province in 1995-- Weifang Stadium (20000 square meters, 40000 seats); the engineering designs of three-star hotel—Gaomi Xinhongye Building which has 19 storeys with 20000 square meters; Haihua Shopping Center; 8-storey hotel project of Weifang Power Plant with more than 10000 square meters; Bank of China Weifang Branch office building; office building of Shandong Textile College, Haihua Supply and Marketing Building. Many projects won municipal-level design prize.

                Building Design Effect Picture of ShijiMingyuanResidential Area

                Design Effect Picture for Huayu Industrial Park of Weifang Development Zone

                Planning and Building Design for  Shandong Shihuyuan Food Company Factory    

                Planning and Building Design of Huashi Group Residential Area

                Scheme and Building Design of  Hongji CompanyOffice Building   

                Building Design of Meilihua 
                Group Golf Club

                Building Design of Qingzhou  Housing Management Bureau

                Planning and Building Design of Weifang Changda Garden Residential Area